Education reform and innovation

Meeting of Asia and Pacific
Nations Network & International
Conference of Woman in Science,
Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

June 25-27, 2015

Mongolian University of Science & Technology, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Welcome Remark from President, INWES


Dear Participants of the 2015 Asia & Pacific Nation Network (APNN), 

Warm greetings to our all participants. 

As President of INWES, the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists, I would like to express my heartful welcome to all the participants of APNN. I am so proud to be holding the fifth APNN meeting organized by one of our new organizations, WSTEM, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
I would like to thank the efforts of our host organization WSTEM and President of WSTEM, Dr. Ariunbolor Purvee, and their members for hosting and preparing this APNN. I also would like to thank INWES-Japan which is the host organization for 2015-2017, APNN chairperson Kayoko Sugahara, speakers, and guests from many countries.
 The International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) is an international network body serving as an NGO, as a partner of UNESCO. INWES was created with the vision “To build a better future worldwide, through the full and effective participation of women and girls in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM.)”. INWES oversees the International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES), which has been held every three years in various parts of the world for supporting Women in Engineering and Science since 1964. ICWES16 was held in October, 2014 in L.A., USA. However, the venues for ICWES can be difficult to reach in distance for some of our members.
  APNN, the Asia and Pacific Nation Network, was established under the umbrella of INWES, as the first regional network, in 2011. INWES has established the regional network to foster and promote its activities in a physically close and similar time zone region, because they have common interests as well as regional problems that can be solved together. APNN was launched in 2011 during ICWES15 in Adelaide, Australia. The second APNN was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia organized by WISET in 2012, the third one in Taiwan organized by TWiST in 2013, and the fourth on in Seoul organized by KWSE last year. For the last four years, APNN has published the annual report to share the information, established new organizations in Taiwan, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri-Lanka and Vietnam, and approved the policy manual to suggest APNN norm.
INWES has been planning and organizing Regional Network Meetings to accommodate as many women scientists and engineers as possible and benefit from the international network. APNN can more effectively put women in the respective regions in touch with the international communities as well as encouraging them to discuss common topics, projects and initiatives. We can collaborate more closely and more frequently.
I am expecting 2015 APNN to be another “herstory” for advancing women engineers and scientists in Mongolia and Asia and the Pacific Nations. APNN has been planting a seed for women’s solidarity in Asia and Pacific nations and cultivating the new born organizations.
We anticipate that we will discuss on “Women in Education Reform and Innovation” at this 5th APNN. We will share our experiences, our passions, times, energies and ideas and care for each other and learn from one another, which will empower us as Women Scientists and Engineers to play key roles for making changes for a better world. We hope that through INWES and APNN, helpful and useful information will nourish our women scientists and engineers in the Asia and Pacific nations.
I look forward that we all will be inspired at 5th APNN and have a great and meaningful time by opening your hearts and reaching your hands out. I hope we all enjoy the Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the land of Genghis Khan.
Sincerely yours,


 Kong-Joo Lee, Ph.D.
 President, INWES